Rhodes Neuroimmune Institute provides access to science based knowledge to families impacted by mental health challenges.

Health Science Education

For Families & Health Care Providers

Most parents and professionals feel the frustration regarding access to care in the mental health population.

We provide an educational program to identify the gaps in knowledge, while reducing unmet service needs.

The outcome increases a patient’s quality of life, while improving the providers practice.

"Every patient should have access to quality health care."

RNI Difference


We are a 501(c)(3) dedicated to serving the mental health community and service providers.

Subscription Based Services

Multiple video based education subscriptions will be offered to families and health care providers within a CME format.

Tax Deductible Donation

Your tax deductible donation will provide support for on-going research and product development.

Header Rhodes, DHS - Founder & CEO - Rhodes Neuroimmune Institute

Heather Rhodes, DHS

Founder & CEO

Dr. Rhodes has over ten years of experience in research, teaching, and clinical development. As a research scholar with proven understanding of autism exploration, outcomes, and phenotyping, she is passionate about improving patient based interventions for brain health.

Current Research Conducted at the Rhodes Neuroimmune Institute

Current Research


We are conducting a retrospective observational analysis from a New Jersey clinic which has recovered thousands of autistic patients. The current research will develop a prospective clinical trial with the intent to reproduce the clinic’s findings.

Biomarker Identification

Biomarker identification will drive evidence-based treatment protocols.

Genetic Epidemiology

Frequencies in common mutations will be identified and measured, such as methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) .

Risk Prediction

Identification of associated mental health risk prediction based upon biomarker discovery.


Categorizing biomarkers with the intent of treatment protocol development and case management in primary care.

Educational Modules


Our educational material will be broken down into four biological systems which include neurological, immune, toxicology, and gastrointestinal. Each education product is focused on addressing one associated health risk and one associated health outcome.

Evidence Based Approach

Focused on an evidence-based approach in the diagnosis and treatment protocol for each risk and outcome.

Premiere Content Provider

Our goal is to become the premiere content provider for continuing education.

Always Current Information

Current, creditable information delivered to practicing providers and families impacted by mental health.

In-Depth Case Studies

Described case studies and therapeutic outcomes developed from specific evidence based protocols.

Educational Modules at the Rhodes Neuroimmune Institute

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